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All that is right (and wrong) about Business Analysis and Product Management.

What is Digital Business Analysis?

Digital Business Analysis combines market analysis, competitor analysis and keyword analysis to understand the Voice of the Customer. ​With this knowledge, we are equipped to feed market intelligence into product development to give customers what they need.

It’s Traceability, Spock – Just not as we know it

Change happens on a project – whether we choose to manage it or not. What are you currently doing to minimise it’s negative impacts? A traceability matrix can be the answer. If properly managed, this simple, inexpensive tool can minimise threats and identify the value to our stakeholders of key features, before starting implementation.

Business Analysts can enable innovation

If Business Analysts are to enable innovation, we must learn to decode the wishes of our customers into abstract requirements that focus on what the solution must achieve but in a way which allows for multiple possible implementations. This opens up the design space to ideas which may not have existed previously and hence fosters innovation, both within the multinational as well as for small enterprises.

The Whole Requirement

Business Analysts must take care to observe the ‘real’ requirements, because what stakeholders say may not be the same as what they do.