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All that is right (and wrong) about Business Analysis and Product Management.

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Expert Interview with James Towers

Expert Interview with James Towers, Consultant Systems Engineer at Scarecrow Consultants, on the differences in approach between modelling systems for engineering and business.


The Intrapreneurial Business Analyst

With communication skills and street-knowledge, Business Analysts are well placed to lead organisations into developing a startup mentality.


Business Analysis for IoT

Business Analysts need to provide a seamless fit between customer experience, burgeoning IoT technologies and the continuous drive for business efficiency.

The Whole Requirement

The Whole Requirement

Business Analysts must take care to observe the ‘real’ requirements. What stakeholders say may not be the same as what they do.

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Business Analysts Can Enable Innovation

Business Analysts must learn to decode the wishes of our customers into requirements that focus on what the solution must achieve, but in a way which allows for multiple possible implementations.

Digital Team Workshop

Digital Business Analysis

Digital Business Analysis combines market analysis and the voice of the customer into product development to ensure an optimal product-market fit.